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Sergey Konovalov
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🤖 GPT: Horizontal, Not Vertical

When it comes to GPT, it’s clear that it excels in horizontal tasks but might not be the best choice for vertical applications.

🧩 GPT Store and Cost Reduction

OpenAI’s introduction of the GPT store and cost reductions is a strategic move to attract developers. They aim to encourage the creation of datasets tailored for specific tasks.

📣 A Word of Caution: Analyze OpenAI’s Strategy

OpenAI has rolled out functionality based on use cases from independent developers, which has disrupted thousands of startups. Before embarking on your startup journey using their products, be sure to thoroughly analyze and forecast OpenAI’s strategy.

💼 Data Regulations Impacting AI Usage 🇺🇸

Companies dealing with data regulations, especially in the US, should be cautious. The use of OpenAI and Microsoft products might be restricted.

🚀 OpenAI: Balancing Potential and Reliability

OpenAI, despite its growth, still faces some startup-like challenges. It’s becoming more cost-effective and accessible, but the risks of using it for complex projects are high. For those concerned about reliability, it’s worth noting that using OpenAI through Azure can probably provide a more dependable experience.

💰 New Pricing for Inference Models

Stay updated on the latest pricing updates for inference with AI models. It might impact your project decisions.

OpenAI DevDay, Opening Keynote

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